Time to Lead

A leadership song

(still in recording)

A mother says, "They need your help."

Not right now. Why you looking at me?

She commands, "Just do what he says."

Then I'll use this time to let them all see!

He turned the water into wine.

He's got the power over time.


At dawn he said, "I need to pray."

But everyone is looking for you!

I said, "All right, but we gotta move on.

Now I'm ready and I know what to do...

God turns a prayer into a path.

He's got the power over time!

There's a time to sit and a time to rise.

A time to fight and to compromise.

A time to hear and time to speak.

A time of faith.

A time to seek


Lord, when will everything be all right?

"It's not for you to know the time or the hour."

What are we supposed to do until then?

"Through the Spirit you will receive the power."

You'll be a witness and a sign,

You'll have the power over time!


Time to Lead

A father says, "Where have you been?"

I've been doin' what I needed to do.

A father says, "Why'd you scare us like that?"

Don't you know that God commands me over you?

He turns a boy into a man!

He's got the power over time!


I want that faith. I want that grace.

In every time. In every place.

I want that faith. That power I need.

God's power over time, the time to lead.

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