One door closes,

You open wide.

A smile like a rainbow,

Here at my side.

How did I find you on this road?

A once barren landscape now wildflower sowed


With laughter,

With dancing,

With Thai food,

You took my heart.


With tenderness,

With forgiveness,

You captured me and healed my soul.



Before Half Dome.

Laying on Wright's Beach.

Wandering Bodie.

The world looked so new.


Sharing our histories,

Holding our tragedies

Binding our lives with loves sweet embrace.




You touched me.

You kissed me.

You loved me,

So beautifully.


For this day,

For the rest of days,

I will love you

With all of my heart.


One door closes

You open wide

One Door Closes

dedicated to Judy

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